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At Metal Cutting Corporation, we are precision metal cutting specialists, manufacturing burr-free tight tolerance parts from all metals. We provide the precision required by medical devices, electronic, automotive, biotechnology, semiconductor, aerospace, fiber-optic, electrical and many other diverse industries that demand perfection.

We have over 45 years of experience with custom metal cutting, grinding, lapping, metal polishing and precision machining metal parts. Our experience, manufacturing capabilities, and inventory  of tubing, rod and wire provide the skills and capacity to meet the needs of high technology device manufacturers. Specialty metals, micron tolerances, low and high volumes, complex metrology--all these and more are the requirements we achieve every day for products shipped worldwide.

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Precision Cutting


Metal Cutting holds the very tightest cutting tolerances with the highest Cpk/Ppk values. We have been perfecting the science and crafting the act of burr-free cutting for over 45 years. All 46 of our proprietary Abrasive and EDM cut-off machines offer unmatched precision and high-speed capability.



Metal Cutting offers an extensive range of CNC surface, profile, plunge, taper, double disk and centerless grinding. Our full-service grinding department allows us to generate specific surface diameter finishes and create highly customized end, taper, and diameter features.



For both tubes and solids, Metal Cutting can meet your precision tolerance and end surface finish requirements with our lapping, fine grinding and flat honing capabilities. With our 12 machines and three types of lapping equipment, we can produce highly polished part ends, tight length tolerances and extraordinary flatness unavailable by other production methods.



Metal Cutting has taken metal polishing well beyond its traditional limits. Our carefully crafted unique mechanical metal polishing recipes combine the full range of abrasives, action, fluids, temperature and time to yield consistent metal surface finishes as smooth as Ra 0.010 µm.



Metal Cutting's experienced machinists and versatile multi-axis CNC machines are perfectly equipped to turn, mill and drill complex and small precision metal components with state of the art equipment running with lights out efficiency.



In addition to polishing surface finishes to a smoothness of Ra 0.010 µm, Metal Cutting offers an extensive array of metal finishing services as final preparation of the part after cutting. We offer metal radius precision machining as a lower cost alternative to individually turned chamfers, as well as both citric acid and nitric acid passivation to the latest ASTM A967 standard.

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At Metal Cutting Corporation, we understand that your success depends on precision and perfection in every part. Our product portfolio showcases more than just the breadth of our capability; it represents over 45 years of experience meeting the exact requirements of our diverse worldwide customer base.

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